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Our mission


Promote and value scientific research results in those fields with high added value

Valorisation of the territory

Develop both Calabria and Puglia territories by introducing competition and innovation

Student program

Give the students and the young graduates coming from both the universities a chance to prove their high quality

Why Ride2GO!


Urban mobility demand is becoming less and less systematic and the standard transportation system often cannot respond effectively. In addition Kyoto protocol stresses the importance to resort to transportation systems other than private. Intensify standard services is not always the response, since it leads to higher costs for transportation companies and municipalities, higher levels of pollution, road use, security issues and traffic. In many scenarios, a good alternative that has been effective, is the integration of the standard services with flexible services, also called Demand Responsive Transportation (DRT) or Dial-a-Ride services. These kind of services satisfy the need of mobility of certain groups of users, such as disabled, tourists, students, mainly in those areas or time slots where the demand is weak. Ride2GO! is an integrated platform that allows to implement and manage a number of transportation services as well as optimization and fleet management

Other fields of interest

  • Production Logistics
    • Capacity planning
    • Master production scheduling
    • Workload assignment in lines of production and factories
    • Performance evaluation of production systems through discrete event simulation
  • Distribution logistics
    • Supply optimization and stock management
    • Integrated distribution planning based on VMI paradigm
    • Container loading optimization
    • Real-time fleet management
  • Harbour and airport logistics
    • Cargo/ship loading optimization
    • Docking, loading and unloading integrated planning
    • Service area management
    • Routing in service area
  • Fleet Management
    • AVL
    • Route optimization
    • Route optimization
    • Shift scheduling
  • Call center management
    • Multi skill team staffing
    • Team scheduling